Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lanesboro Local and the Rhubarb Festival

We'll be doing a demo at Lanesboro Local in Lanesboro, Minnesota on Saturday, June 4, right smack in the middle of Lanesboro's wonderful Rhubarb Festival.

Lanesboro Local is an interesting and timely non-profit venture. Their mission is to support local growers and producers whose success directly contributes to the strength of the local economy. Through their website and their retail Marketplace in Lanesboro, they are building awareness of the true value of locally grown and produced goods. It's definitely a venture to watch.

It helps that they're located in a lovely town that's been going through a lively revitalization in recent years, thanks to plenty of pretty scenery, a charming town, a great location on a major bike trail and lots of local enterprise. There's even a nice little feature on them in the April 2011 Smithsonian!

As for the Rhubarb Festival, it promises to be a blast, with lots of rhubarb treats, music, games and the ever-popular Rhubarb Olympics.

Sounds like a nice weekend destination, no? Do join us at Lanesboro Local to sample our almonds and check out the local foods. Then head out into town for good times at the Rhubarb Festival.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Midtown Farmers Market

We'll be at out regular booth at the Midtown Farmers Market on Saturday, May 21 and it will feel like home. Why? Because in May 2007 this is where it all started. Back then, we sold one kind (Smokies) at one spot (Midtown) every Saturday through November. And it was the enthusiastic support we got from the market, the Corcoran Neighborhood and the folks who came to our booth that convinced us we had a product with legs.
We come back to the Midtown every year to support this lovely market, meet with our long-time customers, try out new flavors and just soak up the wonderful community atmosphere.
The Midtown Farmers Market was founded in 2003 by volunteers from seven South Minneapolis neighborhoods. This open-air farmers market was the result of their vision to create a public marketplace at the hub created by the new Hiawatha light rail station.
Since its inception, tremendous community support has enabled the Midtown Farmers Market to grow and evolve. It was the first Minnesota farmers market to accept SNAP-EBT. Each year over 60,000 people visit the market. Midtown Farmers Market shoppers’ votes propelled it to 4th place out of 5,272 farmers markets nationwide in the 2009 Local Harvest and Care2 Love Your Farmers Market Contest.
We'll be there several times this summer, so you'll have lots of chances to drop by. Check our Events Calendar for all the dates and come say hi!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eastside Co-op Plant Sale

Don't let spring get away from you! Head to the lovely Eastside Food Co-op  in Northeast Minneapolis this Saturday (5/7) for their annual plant sale. You'll find everything you need to get your garden off to a great start including potting soil, compost, straw and, of course, lots of healthy fruit and vegetable plants.

We'll be there from 11 to 2, meeting with customers and handing out yummy samples. Come to say hi, nibble on some almonds and pick up your heirloom tomato plants.

Self-christened “The Little Co-op That Could,” the Eastside Food Co-op opened its store in Northeast Minneapolis on December 4, 2003 after a long, dedicated effort. They're totally committed to their community, offering not just great food, but classes, film nights, farmers markets and more. Not only that, they're just  really nice folks!