Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lanesboro Local and the Rhubarb Festival

We'll be doing a demo at Lanesboro Local in Lanesboro, Minnesota on Saturday, June 4, right smack in the middle of Lanesboro's wonderful Rhubarb Festival.

Lanesboro Local is an interesting and timely non-profit venture. Their mission is to support local growers and producers whose success directly contributes to the strength of the local economy. Through their website and their retail Marketplace in Lanesboro, they are building awareness of the true value of locally grown and produced goods. It's definitely a venture to watch.

It helps that they're located in a lovely town that's been going through a lively revitalization in recent years, thanks to plenty of pretty scenery, a charming town, a great location on a major bike trail and lots of local enterprise. There's even a nice little feature on them in the April 2011 Smithsonian!

As for the Rhubarb Festival, it promises to be a blast, with lots of rhubarb treats, music, games and the ever-popular Rhubarb Olympics.

Sounds like a nice weekend destination, no? Do join us at Lanesboro Local to sample our almonds and check out the local foods. Then head out into town for good times at the Rhubarb Festival.

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