Monday, February 4, 2013

Barsy's Healthy Treats At Mississippi Market

Jason and Barbara met a lot of nice people and turned them onto Barsy's Almonds Saturday. St. Paul's Mississippi Markets were getting ready for the Super Bowl, and Jason was at the Selby Avenue, and Barbara was at 7th Street.

The Selby Mississippi Market is at 622 Selby Avenue in St. Paul, at the intersection with Dale. The 7th Street Market is at 1500 West 7th Street. Both Markets are large and airy, with everything you expect from a supermarket, but more and better.

The Mississippi Market website describes the stores as "St. Paul's premier source for local & organic produce, sustainably raised meats, health and wellness products, and delicious healthful food.

"...we're consumer owned and controlled and have been since we opened in 1979."

Here's a link to the Mississippi Market website:

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