Monday, February 25, 2013

Smoked Almond Salad Recipe

Barsy's Smokies have a rich, smoked, bacony flavor. But, like all of Barsy's Almonds, we make Smokies with no animal products or added fat.

Here's a salad that we've adapted to use Smokies. Barbara and husband, Tom, enjoyed the original in a St. Louis vegetarian restaurant thirty years ago. The chef there used sunflower seeds that had been roasted with soy sauce.

For each salad grate one medium carrot, and toss with a handful of raisins. Put a half cup of uncooked bean sprouts in the center of a salad bowl, and make a ring around it with the raisin-grated carrot mixture. Garnish with a quarter cup of chopped smokies, and dress with vineagar and oil, or your favorite dressing.

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